Debunking the Most Common Back Pain Myths

Debunking back pain myths

Back pain is one of the most common form of disability in the world. Almost 4 out of 5 people might have experienced back pain at least once in their lifetime. While you might be willing to cure it, you might have come across numerous advices. Many of these advices turn out to be a myth. Here is a list of some of the most common back pain myths and the reason why it is not true.

  • Exercise causes back pain

    Some people believe that exercising is the reason behind back pain. Many use it as an excuse to not exercise. Research shows that moving your body comprehensively is better for your back than not moving it at all. You can choose any exercise that you like the most as long as you do it within the limits of your resistance.

  • Young and physically fit people cannot have backache

    Statistics of a medical research has revealed that people aged 45 or lesser are the worst hit back pain victims. Spine is probably the most injured part of your body, which happens frequently during routine activities too. The discs between each of your vertebra provides support to yours spine and provides movement to it. These discs gradually degenerate when a person hits puberty. Therefore, there is no relationship between age and back-pain.

  • Back pain can cause paralysis

    This is a wrong belief because the spinal cord stretches drown from the base of your brain. It is spread across the neck and ends at the upper tip of the lower back. Your lumber spine has a large space, which is meant for the nerve roots. It does not have any spinal cord attachment. Therefore, even if you have a high intensity back pain it cannot cause paralysis.

  • Sleeping on the hard surface relives back pain

    Sleeping on the hard bed can actually cause more harm to your back. If you are suffering from the back pain, you need to sleep comfortably. Therefore, you should use a normal bed and cotton mattress to provide essential support to your back. Few other myths regarding back pain are that the pain occurs due to weak bones. Some people also believe that poor diet can be responsible for backache. The reality is that people taking a lot of calcium in diet and people having strong bones are also bound to experience back pain.

Apart from the myths debunked above, there might be many other wrong conceptions among people. Before believing anything, make sure if it is credible or not. It is advisable to carry ‘Moov Pain Relief Cream’ or ‘Moov Spray’ if you are prone to back aches as it provides instant relief on the go.