Me and My Pain: How can I describe the pain I feel?

Don’t get worked up! Identify the cause of pain at the workplace

Catching the backache culprit: Bad posture at the workstation

Silly sprains: What is a sprain and how you should handle it

A quick fix to manage joint pain flares: Quick first-aid measures to avoid worsening your pain

Getting into gear: Choosing the right protective sportswear to avoid pain

Feel-good changes: Making small lifestyle changes to live pain free

Pain alarm: learning how to manage sudden pain flare-ups (in arthritis pain)

Phase 3: How can you continue to do what you enjoy?

Sit Smart – How to choose the right chair and avoid back pain at work (Endorsement PT)

Setting your goals: A step-by-step approach to manage chronic muscle pain

Change your approach to pain: Transform how you feel and handle your pain

Sudden pain surprises at work – The physiotherapist explains how you can prevent/cope with unanticipated pain incidents (Endorsement PT)

What’s going on? - Why you are in pain

Finding the pain relief that works best for you the right pain prescription that can control pain effectively

Sit Smart How to choose the right chair and avoid back pain at work

Don’t let painful, swollen joints be an excuse How can you take care of pain while you do more what you enjoy?

The long and short of pain: Getting answers to all your pain-related conditions causing sudden pain or long standing pain

Putting your best foot forward: Knowing how to discuss your pain at work

Growing painfully grey: Understanding the pain conditions which are common among older individuals

Twisting joints: Knowing which joint is at risk because of your favourite sport/hobby

The extra stretch: Knowing how your muscles work and what could make them painful

The pain toolbox: putting together your own person pain relief toolkit

A sigh of relief: How pain reliever medications that can be applied (rubefacients) help you manage your pain