5 common myths that revolve around back pain

Back pain presents itself in wide variety of ways. It can be chronic, due to some injury, because of illness, or because of bad posture. Back pain can be referred from different systems of the body, or it can be associated with nerve damage. Irrespective of the source, many people suffer from back pain. With passing time, a wide variety of treatments, theories, and myths have originated that involves back pain.

Below mentioned are five of the most common myths that surround back pain.

Surgery is the only cure

Back pain does not have to push you to the extent of surgery. Though some cases would require surgical involvement, a huge number of people suffering from back pain may be able to deal with their symptoms with the help of conservative treatment. There are a wide variety of treatment options that includes stretching, exercise, trigger point dry needling, injections and modalities. It is imperative for you to discuss every treatment option with the provider to determine the remedy that will afford you with best outcomes.

It runs in the family, and there is no solution to it

Wrong. Though certain hereditary conditions can enhance the risks of chronic back pain, there are a lot of steps that may reduce the chance of you developing back pain. To begin with, maintaining a good posture through everyday activities can bring down the chances of you developing back pain. Good lifting mechanics, having a healthy weight, and regular workout are excellent preventative techniques.

I am a victim of degenerative disc disease, so there is nothing that can help me

There is valid proof now that indicates that majority of people who has crossed the age limit of 40 show signs of degenerative disc disease on a X-ray irrespective of they report back pain or not. Physical therapy and exercise might help compress the symptoms. If you are suffering from degenerative disc disease, ask your doctor if physical therapy can help you.

A strong core can lead to less back pain issues

Though we almost agree with this statement, it is not entirely about core strength but also about core stability when it comes to minimizing your risk of back injuries. A lot of high level athletes have back pain complaints because of the lack of core control during activity. When indulging in heavy lifting and activity, being able to uphold a neutral spine requires the core to be engaged throughout. A lot of people with six pack abs do not use their core correctly, thus leading to injuries.

Core stability alone cannot bring down the risk of back pain. Hip flexibility is another critical aspect that helps keep back pain at bay. When the hips are tight, the back often ends up taking up the slack. If hip flexibility is poor, motion is made up for at the spine, moving it from a good neutral position potentially opening the door for harm.

Pain medication is the only form of relief

There are many options available that will help in reducing back pain other than potentially addictive pain medication. Check with your doctor about the usage of modalities such as home TENS unit that might help manage your pain. Again, proper posture helping in keeping the spine in a neutral alignment can do wonders to reduce the pain.