5 ways elderly people can reduce back ache

There is nothing more annoying or more distracting than consistent back pain, and unfortunately in case of elderly people, it is something that they have to go through regularly. As age catches up, people end up losing the strength of their muscles and their bones begin to deteriorate as well; this leads to increased back ache along with resistance to healing. Fortunately, there are certain pain management strategies that helps elderly.

Restorative Yoga

Many people turn towards yoga to handle back pain, and less strenuous variations can do wonders for elderly as well. It’s advocated that any seniors thinking of considering a change in physical activity check with their physician first to ensure the movements won’t cause an adverse effect and lead to worsening of their condition. Though, a lot of elderly have seen that the practice of yoga works in their favor by using restorative yoga, a mild approach to the traditional practice. This specific form has been noted to make a tremendous difference in pain related with the back and hips as well as discomfort caused by arthritis.

Good quality mattress

It is common in case of seniors to keep the same bed for a long time, and although the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is logical in some instances, it’s not the same in case of mattresses. A good quality mattress can offer huge relief for people who experience back pain, as an old, used bed does not support back or neck. Any type of new high-quality mattress would work wonders compared to the old one, but memory foam mattresses are perfect when it comes to relieving back pain. Foam mattress is designed to form around the body and minimize any pressure points that leads to achy back and joint pains.


A lot of elderly people cure their back pain with pain medication suggested by their doctors, but pills, although necessary sometimes, can leave you with side effects and long term health issues if administered regularly. Massage therapy has helped a lot of elderly people get rid of the habit of taking pain medication by improving circulation and reducing inflammation and swelling close to the muscles. When done religiously, massage therapy actually betters the condition instead of simply covering up the symptoms the way pain medication does. Majority of massage treatment centers also offers you less traditional procedures, namely, acupuncture, and hot stone massage, which has shown highly positive results.

Good Diet

Along with other effective treatments, a clean healthy diet can really help seniors reduce their back pain. As the pain is coming from the inside out, a good diet can help reduce the pain internally. Vitamin D and Calcium are very much required to keep bones strong and healthy, and lack of these valuable nutrients can lead to chronic back pain.  A diet with anti-inflammatory foods can help in reducing muscle swelling and joint pain, and it is essential for you to know what food is going to help and what foods are going to hurt you.

Aqua therapy

A lot of senior citizens have realized that aquatic therapy assists in relieving symptoms of chronic pain along with providing great opportunity to be fit. It not only helps in relieving symptoms, but it also eliminates future occurrence of back pain by improving circulation and strengthening muscles.