How to Avoid Back Pain due to train travel

pain due to train journey

Long journeys and trips are fun but it can turn out to be menacing at times. Longer commutes on regular basis is one of the major reasons behind back and neck pain. The seats in train are not very comfortable for sitting for long hours and can be the root cause of back pain. The following tips can be helpful in avoiding or at least reducing the back pain issues caused due to train travel.

  • Maintain Correct Posture: Sitting continuously for a long period of time increases strain to your lower and middle back, and a poor posture puts even more stress on your spine. Make sure that your back is aligned to your seat in a comfortable position. Keep your shoulders straight and refrain from hunching forward unnecessarily. Also, ensure that your feet are placed firmly on the floor or a footrest.
  • Move Around: Sitting in the same position for extended period stiffens your back muscles. Move around a bit and stretch after sitting continuously for more than half an hour. Doing so will stimulate the blood flow and import required oxygen to your back. This will prevent tissues from stiffening and back cramps.
  • Carry External Support: While travelling, it is beneficial if you carry a cushion for extra support and comfort. You can support your back with pillows or just fold a jacket or sweater and place it under your lower back for support.
  • Be Careful While Placing Luggage: Back strain often occurs when you move around lifting a heavy item. Experts recommend that moving slowly while lifting a heavy luggage will break your action into smaller parts and won’t stress your back. While lifting, you should take the weight on leg muscles and avoid stressing it on your back.
  • Avoid using a laptop: You should avoid using a laptop or tablet rested on the table. Majority of tables mounted in trains are not suitably designed for longer use. One might end up cradling neck and back by constantly hunching forward. This can add pressure on your spine and result in back and neck pain.
  • Pain Relief Therapy: If you are a regular commuter or train traveller, you should develop a habit of regular exercises and stretching. This will provide great relief. Apart from exercises, you can use Moov Pain Relief Cream or Spray for greater relief.