How to Avoid Lower Back Pain While Cycling

lower back pain while cycling

Although Cycling is considered as one of the best exercises to maintain good health, many cyclists complain of battling back pain. This may be due to several different causes such as poor posture, past health conditions, inflexible back muscles, improper bike dimensions, training history, riding style etc. Whatever may be the reason, lower back strain can forever ruin your excitement of enjoying any sport.

All the effort and savings that you put in to buy your dream bike, and imagine not being able to ride it again. To ensure that you never end up in any such situation, we have listed down several ways to avoid lower back pain while cycling.

How can cycling put your lower back at risk?

When it comes to lower back, your pelvic position matters a lot. A crash can cause your pelvis to twist, or may create muscle imbalance. Thus, as much as you take care of your bike after a crash, it is important that you seek professional help for your health too.

What can you do to avoid the pain?

Get the right bike:

The first and the most important factor to look for in a bike is its size. An Improperly sized bike can cause several health issues. You can even get a bike customized to your body from an actual brand store. However, it may cost you a fortune. If you are looking for an economical option, you can ask the store owner to guide you for the proper fit. Apart from size, below mentioned are a few other things to look for before buying a bike:

Saddle height: Knee slightly flexed, adjust the saddle height so that the heel of the foot is resting just on the pedal.

Handlebar height: Set this according to your personal preference. This can be set from 0 to 10 cm. Individuals with back problem should keep handlebar height at higher levels.

Maintain proper posture:

Maintaining right posture is as important as selecting the right bike. Do not slouch or hunch your shoulders while riding. Keep changing the angle of your upper body to avoid any kind of muscle strain while riding. And, in case you suffer a cramp, apply Moov pain relief spray and get back to your cycling activity right away.

Strengthen your muscles:

Strengthening your muscles will automatically reduce the risk of back injuries. Consult a professional trainer before you start cycling. A professional trainer will focus on training your core muscles such as lower back, pelvis, hips and abdomen thereby reducing the risk of back pain.