How to Manage Back Pain During Your Daily Commute

back pain during daily commute

Daily commute of long distances is a painful affair for people with back and neck pain issues. The seats in cars, buses, trains and even airplanes aren’t very comfortable. Sitting still for an extended period of time will definitely aggravate your back pain. Here are few tips, which can be followed to manage back pain issues during daily commutes.

  • Use a Back Support

    Seats in cars, trains, planes and most transport vehicles usually don’t have a good back support. You can rather use your own lumbar support pillow to deal with this. A pillow or cushion will make your seat more comfortable and effectively support your lower back. If you don't have one, a blanket, jacket or even a sweater can be rolled up to provide support to the inward curve of your lower back. An inflatable travel pillow that fits around the neck can help avoid neck strain by providing head support while resting or sleeping in a sitting position while you are travelling.

  • Stretch Before Leaving

    Allot few minutes of your schedule to basic stretching exercises before leaving for your commute. Stretching can loosen the stiffness in your back, neck and shoulders.

  • Avoid Cracked Windows

    While using a local transport vehicle, avoid staying around windows that are only open partway because when the cold wind slices through small openings, it tightens your muscles. Sitting in such a setup for long hours can lead to stiff muscle tissue and restricted flexibility. If you want air circulation, you should keep the window open all the way or use the air- condition if available.

  • Avoid Heavy Luggage

    Carrying overhead baggage decreases the risk of backache and neck pain. You can also elude the risk of back pain by standing right in front of the overhead compartment while carrying the luggage, so that your spine does not rotate.

  • Adjust Your Seat Well

    While driving a car, adjust your seat in such a way that you are comfortable and close to the steering. Keep your knees slightly inclined and higher than your hips. Using a back support will help you decrease the pain/ache in lower back.

  • Keep Pain Relief Cream/Spray Handy

    People already having back and neck pain issues should keep Moov Pain Relief Spray or Cream with you while commuting. Applying it will give you instant relief and comfort.