5 workout Mistakes That Cause Back Pain

workout Mistakes

A research states that almost 20% of the world’s adult population must have experienced back pain at least once in their lifetime. It could be anything from picking up heavy objects improperly or sitting in an awkward position for long hours. Sometimes injury might also occur during sports or can be a result of an accident. There are many ways of you encountering back pain but you can surely minimize chance of it being a result of your workout by avoiding the following common mistakes.

1. Lifting Weights Improperly

Most of you might prefer to pick up things in the easiest possible manner. Instead of focusing on keeping a flat back, you unknowingly bend your back to an extreme level while attempting heavy weights. This imparts stress to your lower back. You should rather balance yourself well before lifting weights or use a support while doing so.

2. Setting Down Weights Improperly

Settling weights down improperly can also lead to back pain. This usually happens while doing exercises in which you have to place the weight back on the ground to finish the set e.g. deadlifts, lunges, etc. One should always sit back on hips while and keep the back straight.

3. Ignoring Stretching and Warm up

A research shows that tight and rigid muscles trigger back pain. One should at least spare 10 minutes on stretching before and after workout. Focus on full-body stretches and negate the risk of sudden backaches. Strengthening core muscles also helps relieve back pain. While stretching pay attention to hamstring stretch, trunk twisters, neck rotation, etc.

4. Rotating through back

While doing rotation exercises, most of us gain the rotation through our lower back. Doing this repeatedly, might result in lower back injury. The lower back is not capable of going through extreme rotations. While performing rotations, keep your shoulders and hips attached to each other. Move the hips and shoulders together in the same direction. You hurt your back only when you use lower back for all the movements while your hips stay still at rest.

5. Overdoing Crunches

If you are working hard for a strong core, keep in mind that some ab exercises might result in more harm than good. Formats of crunches stabilize your hip flexors because they lock in to activate the abdominal muscles. They keep hip flexors tight and tight flexors pull the lumbar spine forward, which eventually leads to back pain.

Back pain is probably the most common aching issue faced by people. For active people, one common mistake is exerting unbearable pressure towards your back. Soothe your post workout back with ‘Moov pain relief cream’ or ‘Moov Spray’. You can also use ice or heat pad. If the pain is not relieved through such remedies, take a break for a few days and try modifying your workout.