Why weight matters when it comes to joint pain

weight loss importance

Losing weight these days has more to do with fitting into society than being healthy. Very few people are aware of the fact that excess weight is the sole reason for several existing health problems today. If you feel a little discomfort or joint pain while climbing stairs or during any physical activity, it is high time that you get your weight checked. Being overweight is also one of the main causes of conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. In this blog, we are going to talk about how being overweight can negatively impact your health and specifically your joint health. Read on!

How being overweight is risky for your joints?

If you are overweight, your joints are more likely to get inflamed (faster than the usual). Moreover, your bodyweight puts pressure on joints. For example, if you are climbing stairs, pressure on your knees will be three times your bodyweight. Thus, to reduce pressure on weight-bearing joints, it is important to lose excess body weight.

Stress on joints makes them more vulnerable to injuries as the ability to resist damage is drastically reduced. According to medically proven facts, being overweight raises the risk of developing osteoporosis. And, if you have already developed the disease, excess weight will make it even more difficult for you to get relief from the joint pain. Moov’s pain relief spray/cream will come in handy in such a situation.

Benefits of losing weight:

The look that you always desired for yourself and a life- free of all health woes, could you ask for more? If these reasons do not motivate you to shed those extra kilos, we are not sure what else will. Excess weight is known to be one of the main causes of several chronic health disorders. A research (called simply Arthritis and Rheumatism of overweight) suggests that adults with joint stiffness can reduce discomfort up to 75 % by losing weight. And, if you do not suffer from any chronic joint disease, it is still crucial to keep your weight in check so as to avoid any discomfort in the future.

Best tips to lose weight:

Hit the gym: Exercising for at least an hour a day will go a long way in your weight loss regime. However, if you are hitting the gym for the first time, it may take patience and persistence to reach your dream weight goals.

Get moving: Sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons why there is an increase in the number of obese people in the world. If you spend too much time sitting, it is high time you get your life in motion. Take a walk around your office as and when you get a break from work.

Eat healthy: Cut down on junk and resort to healthy eating habits. Consuming right amount of nutrients will aid the process of losing weight.

Although, we know the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight, we tend to ignore the connection between weight loss and joint pain. Do not think of weight loss as a one-time goal, but a lifelong process of maintaining wellness.