Benefits of using topical products vs tablets for superior pain relief

Modern lifestyle is governed by the concept of fast-paced living and doing as much work as we can. In such scenarios, activities like long hours of working on computers, and lack of physical exercise in the wake of the pandemic can affect our body adversely.

Various body aches such as neck and back pain, joint and muscle pains etc are common across various age groups. To cure these pains, a diversity of medication and different drug administration methods are in vogue. For instance, pain killer drugs that include narcotics, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammation drugs, anti-anxiety medications and topical anaesthetics.

Side-effect risks of painkillers

You can easily get the medicines which are considered low-risk and without strong side-effects, over the counter at local pharmacies. However, one must know that when taken too frequently or in higher doses than the doctor’s prescription, even an ordinary medicine like acetaminophen (Paracetamol) can cause severe damage to the liver.

Just because you can buy it over the counter without the prescription doesn’t make any drug harmless. That’s why as per a rule, you must consult a doctor about what tablets you should consume for pain relief and in what quantity. Sometimes, when the pain is severe, doctors also recommend intramuscular or intravenous injections for instant relief. However, these methods also have their own limitations.

That’s where the topical pain relievers which can be applied on the skin in different ways (such as a cream, gel, ointment, or spray) are a much safer and effective option. The topical drugs are effective in reducing inflammation below the skin and can calm the nerve pain as well. Some of them are also available over the counter.

Why topical drugs are better than pain killer tablets

Topical drugs are made using compounds which enable the medication to go through the skin pores into the blood. These compounds penetrate the different skin layers by opening naturally closed channels for a limited duration. Thus, the skin is able to safely absorb the drug.

  • Targeted and focused treatment

Topical Pain-relief products get absorbed into the skin at the injured or hurting area. Therefore, they are more targeted and have lesser side-effects than the tablets. 

  • Instant relief:

Gels/Sprays relieve pain almost instantly by directly working on the source of the pain. On the other hand, pain killers need time to dissolve and enter the blood stream before providing relief. That’s where gels/sprays are a lot better when instant relief is sought.

  • Enhanced overall effect:

Topical pain-relievers are often considered to be more effective than the tablets since the tablets get broken down by the digestive process. Sprays don’t enter the digestive system and directly reach the cell that require the medication.

  • Lesser or no side effects:

Good topical pain-relief products don’t cause side-effects the way tablets can. Oral pain killers go through the digestive system and tend to affect other body parts as well since they are not directly targeted to the body part that hurts. Gels/Sprays protect you from such risks and are relatively better for people who are prone to side effects from pills.

  • Safety and ease of usage:

Topical pain-relievers are easy to use and can be used by children, as well as by elderly who might have problem swallowing tablets.

Thus, when it comes to instant relief and less risks, topical pain relief products such as creams, gels, and sprays etc., are a better option than the tablets for people suffering from injuries, cramps or other physical ailments. The Moov pain relief cream is a very good option for anyone who wants relief from pain.