Top tips to outsmart your headache

So, you were stuck in front of your laptop till 2 in the morning, then you overslept and now running late for an important meeting and that PPT still isn’t finished. No surprise if you are suffering from a tension headache!

Taxing days along with lack of sleep can amplify your stress levels, which can be the primary reason for headache. It can hamper your performance at work, also throw your body out of balance. To ensure that your workplace stays a headache-free zone, try the following tips.


Jot down a daily ‘to-do’ list that will help you in re-organizing your thoughts and help prioritize your tasks. Start by figuring out when you are at your productive best – are you a morning or evening person? Plan your day in such a way that you tackle the most challenging tasks when you are at your best.


When you work starts interfering with your personal life, stress level tends to increase and tension headaches become a regular issue. The most effective way to maintain a healthy work-life balance is by setting distinct boundaries. Easier said than done? Begin by taking it one step at a time – stay away from computer when at home, spend time with your hobby or plan an outing with your friends and family.


Creating connections with people and building strong relationships with family and friends have a strong and positive impact on your mental wellbeing. If you went through a rough day or if you are feeling stressed out, change your mood and perspective by calling a good friend and talking it over. It is also necessary for you to have good supportive people in your workplace, so you can grab a coffee and share a laugh with your colleague.


If you are glued to the computer all day, chances are you may not be working out enough – a factor that triggers headache. Physical activity can improve mood and energy, as well as help reduce tension and stress. Going for a small walk during your lunch break, indulging in workouts like yoga or simple gardening can improve your fitness and assist in keeping those tension headaches at bay.


We all know the connection between nutrition and good health, but when you are busy, it becomes difficult to select the right food or sometimes, eat at all. The fact being, missing a meal reduces your blood sugar levels, which can lead to headache, or amplify a tension headache that you already have. Start your day positively by enjoying a healthy breakfast – which will help reduce stress and improve your overall work performance.


Feeling fatigued can be a common trigger of tension headaches. Getting adequate sleep will reduce your risk of a tension headache. The reason being, sleep helps in relaxing muscles in your head and neck.

Having trouble sleeping in the first place? Try altering your routine. Going to bed on a fixed time and staying away from caffeine in the evening will really help. You can also try changing your pillow or sleeping in a new position.


Seating posture is vital to preventing tension headaches

Back pain is not the only outcome of bad posture – simply sitting at your desk and chair in proper manner can reduce the risk of headaches. Using an ergonomic chair helps in letting your spine hold its natural curve, which helps in relieving muscle tension in your back, shoulders and neck.

You can also try adjusting your computer monitor so it’s at eye level or slightly lower to help improve posture. Bright lights can also trigger headache, so try using an anti-glare screen on your computer monitor, and ensure that you take regular screen breaks to give your eyes much required rest.