3 things to know before running your first marathon

First Marathon

The hard part is not when you think of running a marathon but when you start training for it. To finally check it off your bucket list, you will have to start training well in advance. While it takes 24 to 26 weeks to fully prepare for a marathon, there are a few things to keep in mind just days before the marathon.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to ensure that you finish off that race well in time and without causing any potential harm to your health.

Avoid junk, eat more carbohydrates:

Ever since you start training for a marathon, you understand what is working for your body and what is not. Stick to a diet that you would normally eat, but eat a greater amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy and act as fuelling agents for a healthy heart, muscles as well as the brain. Apart from physical fitness, a successful run also requires practising mindfulness. A diet rich in carbohydrates will help you maintain physical and mental balance.

Stay hydrated:

Staying hydrated will help you get a good sleep which is extremely important for running a marathon. Apart from water, you should also consider having an energy drink for some extra electrolytes. Cut off on alcohol completely as it has a dehydrating effect and it can cause a negative impact on your sleep as well.

Relax, don’t overdo:

The most important part is to conquer your anxiety. Avoid any change in your training, diet routine a few days before the race. Learn to relax your feet. Practise meditation and be optimistic about your training. It is sure going to be worth the effort.

While above-mentioned tips will help you with pre-marathon preparation, there are a few things to keep in mind for the race day itself. On the day of the run, there are few essentials that you should carry along. Along with your sports gear, do not forget to carry along a pain relief spray.

In case you suffer a muscle cramp in between the race, pain relief cream will offer you instant relief and will allow you to continue the race. The best is to use Moov pain relief cream. It is made of natural medicines and works best to provide instant relief to muscles.

If you follow the right routine, this first-time marathon running experience is sure going to be a memorable one.