6 Useful tricks to avoid common sports injuries

coming sports injury

Injuries are highly common when you are playing sports, however if you are cautious and if you take enough preventive measures; you can master your game without much injuries.

Below mentioned are six tips that will help you avoid common sports injuries:

Warm up and cool down

Irrespective of the sport you play, your coach would always emphasize on the importance of warming up in order to keep injuries at bay. A good warm up would consist of stretches and cardio exercises that improves blood flow to the muscles, which in turn reduces the risk of you getting injured. Warm up also helps in relaxing the mind. It gives you the time to prepare yourself mentally for the game ahead.

Cool down is as necessary as the warm up. After you are done playing the sport, spend 5-10 minutes cooling your muscles with the help of gentle stretches. This helps in providing oxygen to your worked-up muscles and bring them back to its normal state. This will help you in keeping any kind of muscle cramp or sprain at bay.

Wear appropriate protective gear

Unfitting or lack of protective gear while playing any sport can be extremely lethal. Some sports consist of physical contact with other players and therefore wearing a helmet, shin pads or boxing gloves is highly recommended. Another thing to remind yourself is that the protective gear should be well-fitting so that it keeps your hands, knees, eyes, teeth and head safe.

Learn the correct technique

Majority of sports have that one certain technique that lets you be better at your game and also helps you avoid head injury. If you go with the wrong technique this may cause certain strain on your muscles and joints and result in muscle pain. Mastering the right technique will ensure that you are playing the game right and thus minimize the risk of injury. If at all you suffer from a muscle pull, use a natural pain relief ointment like Moov to get rid of the pain.

Know your limits

When playing any sport, the adrenaline tend to get you carried away and you fail to realize when you have over exerted yourself. If you are new to the sport, progress gradually into it so that you can keep muscle pains at bay and avoid injuries. In order to excel in your sport, you should parallel wok towards building your strength and then play your sport for longer hours.

Stay hydrated

Water plays an important part in supporting your body throughout the game. Your body goes through fluid-loss every time you sweat which then causes dehydration. Sip on water every 10 to 15 minutes to reinstate the water level in your body. Lack of water in your body makes your blood thicker which restricts the blood flow to the muscles and the tendons. This will make your muscle tighter and make you more prone to injuries. Less water leads to muscle cramps, which can end up being an obstacle while playing your sport.


Get sufficient rest when you are playing a sport every day for extended hours. Making your muscles and joints go through constant pressure is not a great idea. After each workout session, your muscles go through wear and tear, and need rest to repair them. Striking a good balance between rest and play will help in keeping injuries at bay.