Back pain due to work-out in the gym: Causes and prevention

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems experienced by athletes and people who do intense work outs, running or weight-lifting in the gyms on a regular basis.

It is a broad term used to describe the lumbar pain in the lower part of the spine. 80% of the adults are estimated to be suffering from this pain, and 10% of the global population endures back pain on a routine basis.

Even if the backpain is caused by gym workouts or activities such as running, it is recommended that the pain can be cured by an exercise routine if followed correctly. The first and most important thing is to understand what causes the pain.

You must have heard the term ‘shredding’ used liberally in workout parlance. The process of building muscles involves tearing the muscles deliberately while doing burpee, plank, lift and other exercises. However, this muscle tear can sometimes cause pain in the lower back.

One of the ways to repair the damage is to undertake specific exercises that boost flexibility and strength, supports the back and speeds healing. It is important to ensure that you avoid common exercise mistakes that worsen the back pain.

One of the most important things is to consult a spine specialist before finalizing the exercise program to heal the back injury.

Typically, the most common workout injury that causes back-ache is ‘lifting weights.’ Wrong technique or poor posture while exercising in the gym can cause soreness and ache in the lower back. Apart from weight lifting, resistance training can also put the back in a dangerous position especially when the exercises are done without professional supervision.

The healing process starts with identification of the problem.

Exercises such as clean and jerk, squats and deadlifts are the prominent causes of back injuries. When done wrongly, these exercises put lumbar muscles and disks at risk. As a beginner, it is quite likely that poor posture or over-exertion even by an experienced professional can cause muscle injuries leading to back pain. The range of muscle injuries vary from a minor cellular tear to inflammation and serious muscle tears. Muscles become bruised, sore and swollen causing acute or severe muscle injury. Let’s take a look at tips that can help in prevention and treatment of such injuries and backpain:

Prevention and treatment:

The first and the most important preventive measure to take is to consult a professional trainer before starting with your workout regime. A professional trainer will according to your age, body type will suggest you the right exercises with proper form and complete assistance.

As far as treating back pain is concerned, most weightlifters are known to use self-treatment. Moov pain relief spray can be used to treat sore and achy muscles. This is one of the best self-treatment methods as it is completely made of natural ingredients and provides instant pain relief. You can easily carry the spray to the gym and apply instantly in case of injury. However, treatment may vary according to the nature of injury. Some type of injuries may strictly require medical assistance.

Stretching, Initial icing, and rest may also work well in case of acute injuries.