Cricket Fever is Back! Are You Prepared?

Playing cricket is a lot of fun. And especially when IPL fever has hit the country, both children and adults want to make the most of their vacation time by engaging in the sport. However, there are some obvious dangers that you might encounter while playing the game of cricket. The below blog is to prep you up for your favourite game.

If you have already purchased your favourite team's jersey and are all set to hit the ground, read below for some preventive measures.

Wear protective gear:

Whether it is cricket or any other sport, protective gear is must to avoid any kind of injury. Helmet, knee guard, elbow guard are some of the basic protective gear that you need before playing cricket. If you play the sport professionally, you can talk with your coach for advice on any other protective gear that you may need.

Warm up:

Amateurs tend to start playing without any preparation. However, it is never a good idea to bolt on to the field without a proper warmup. The idea of warmup is to activate all your muscles and gradually increase the intensity. Start with a little jog. Do movements like lunges, hard lunges and hurdle walks at a slow pace.

Treat injuries immediately:

This is really important. If you get injured while playing cricket, it is imperative to act upon the injury immediately. For example, if you suffer a muscle strain or a twisted ankle; immediately apply a pain relief cream. Moov Pain relief cream is most effective when it comes to treating muscle soreness, and stiffness. It is made of ingredients like turpentine oil and eucalyptus oil which is effective in providing athlete foot relief. However, if the nature of your injury is serious, it is best to take some time off the ground.

Keep up the spirit of the game:

Cricket is called the gentleman's game for a reason. Spirit of the game is maintained when you play with honesty. When you know the rules of the game – what is right and what is not; injuries can be avoided. In every sport, you are given a role to play, understand your role and it will help you stay out of harm's way. And, always remember that not all rules have something to do with points and penalties, sometimes you just have to be courteous and protect the people you are playing with.