How Sleeping Position Affects Your Health?

Sleeping Position Affects

Your sleeping position may affect you in more ways than you can think. While you probably are aware of the fact that sleeping with your neck all squeezed up might cause you to wake up with pain. But did you know that sleeping position can have significant effects on your health? Although it may cause harm in some cases, the right sleeping position can even decrease the risk of a certain health condition. The main objective of this blog is to highlight different ways your sleeping position can affect your health. Read on!

Sleep Apnea:

Commonly known as snoring, sleep apnea is a condition of obstructive breathing while sleeping. Although this condition is linked to several health problems, a research suggests that people who sleep on their back experience frequent apnea. Sleeping on your back may also cause other sleep-related breathing disorders.

Acid reflux:

Acid reflux is usually caused due to eating a heavy meal or skipping meals for long intervals of time. However, medical experts also believe that sleeping on your right side may increase discomfort caused due to acid reflux. This, however, may happen if you already suffer from acid reflux.

Neck strain:

Your sleeping position is one of the reasons why you sometimes wake up with a strain in your neck. Medical experts do not particularly suggest on the best sleeping position to avoid strain. However, sleeping on your stomach is to be avoided. Any kind of twists or stress on neck muscles while sleeping results in neck pain.

The pillow you choose and the mattress you sleep on also plays a significant role. A right pillow should not be too thick and should appropriately align your head with the spine.

The bottom line:

Acid reflux can be dealt by sleeping on your left side. This is mainly because when you sleep on your left side, acids have trouble migrating up your food pipe.

If you wake up with a neck strain, the best way to deal with is to use a pain relief cream. Moov pain relief cream works best when it comes to treating stiffness of muscles or any other muscle ache for that matter. Pain relief cream by Moov is made of natural ingredients such as eucalyptus oil and turpentine oil and thus it is the most effective ointment when it comes to dealing with any sort of muscle strain.

To avoid any kind of trouble caused by your sleeping position, the best is to experiment with different sleeping position and understand what works for you and your health.