Ways to Recover After a Tiring Swim Practice

Swimming practice

If you are a hard-core swimmer, you probably know that feeling after a hectic practice. As satisfying as it is, your body can really feel exhausted post swimming practice. This is mainly due to the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles while swim practice and leaves a sense of pain when muscles are active. There are ways to prevent lactic acid build up and feel energetic after a tiring swim practice. The below listed are a few ways to recover after the practice.


Apart from the stretching that you do for warming up the body before practice, there is another type of stretching known as static stretching. It allows the body to cool down after a tiring swim practice. Static stretching elongates the muscles and improves flexibility and joint range of motion. Practise this type of stretching after the activity for the best results.


It is medically proven fact that if you get good sleep; your body tends to recover quickly. Getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep daily will help your body recover faster from exhaustion caused by any kind of rigorous activity. Moreover, it is also important to follow a strict sleep routine.

Energise the body:

Pre-workout munching is common but not many people know the importance of snacking after the practice. Eating protein-rich food items within 30 minutes after the practice will help in re-energising the body. Fruits, yogurt; munch on anything that makes you feel better.


A body massage is an ideal way to release any tension in the muscles. Furthermore, it helps blood circulate through the body. You do not necessarily have to visit a professional masseuse; you can use a foam roller. A foam roller will help you work out on soreness and knots.

You can also rely on pain relief cream to relieve sore muscles. Moov pain relief cream is made of 100 % Ayurvedic medicines that contribute to the recovery process. Made of natural ingredients, this is an ideal ointment that works best for sore muscles and back pains.


Swimming just like any other activity leads to excessive sweating. Swimming is an activity that dehydrates your body; thus it is vital to drink enough water. Water helps to flush toxins and start the muscle recovery programme. You can combine your water intake with electrolytes which further helps in proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

While swimming is the best activity to enjoy during summer vacations, it is equally important to take good care of yourself. By following the above mentioned, you can enjoy without exhausting yourself.