Weight Lifting and Back pain: Hit the Gym without hurting yourself

You must have heard this term called weightlifter's back. The term is used when your back feels sore or achy after lifting weights at the gym. Although the term is common among gym goers, it is often caused due to wrong technique or poor posture while working out.

There are many exercises that can put your back in a stressful position while lifting weights. And, especially if you are doing it without professional supervision. Irrespective of whether you are an amateur or a pro lifter, when you flex your back muscles against resistance; you are putting your back in a dangerous position. So, what can you do about it? How can you continue your gym activity without hurting yourself? Read on!

Identify the problem:

Lower back pain is common among individuals with frequent gym activity. According to experts, there are certain exercises that lead to injury such as the clean and jerk, squats and deadlifts. These techniques include movements with highest degree of technical difficulty, if performed incorrectly can put lumbar muscles and disks at risk. Most individuals suffer injuries while completing their personal targets without professional assistance.

Muscle injuries:

A beginner may suffer injuries due to poor posture and a pro due to overdoing it, any individual undergoing weight training is susceptible to back pain. Muscle injury ranges from a small cellular disruption to inflammation to muscle tears. Muscle may become bruised, sore or swollen. There may be an acute or severe muscle injury. Here is how you can avoid or treat back pain caused due to weight lifting.

Prevention and treatment:

The first and the most important preventive measure to take is to consult a professional trainer before starting with your workout regime. A professional trainer will according to your age, body type will suggest you the right exercises with proper form and complete assistance.

As far as treating back pain is concerned, most weightlifters are known to use self-treatment. Moov pain relief spray can be used to treat sore and achy muscles. This is one of the best self-treatment methods as it is completely made of natural ingredients and provides instant pain relief. You can easily carry the spray to the gym and apply instantly in case of injury. However, treatment may vary according to the nature of injury. Some type of injuries may strictly require medical assistance.

Stretching, Initial icing, and rest may also work well in case of acute injuries.