Understanding the Relationship between Vitamin D Deficiency and Chronic Muscle Pain

You know there is a type of muscle pain that doesn't responds to the treatment? It is difficult for even doctors to understand the real cause and is most commonly misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia. However, suspiciously, Vitamin D deficiency is common in People suffering from Chronic Muscle pain. Over the last 10 years, studies have found that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to increased musculoskeletal pain. Let us understand more about the relationship between Vitamin D deficiency and chronic muscle pain. Read on!

Benefits of Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is generally good for sound health. Not only it boosts our immune system but also supports healthy heart function. According to experts, every single tissue in out body has vitamin D receptors, including brain cells, bones, muscles, and immune cells. Thus, its deficiency is linked to chronic bone and muscle pain.

Additionally, Vitamin D deficiency is also known to cause diseases such as rickets in Children and Osteomalacia in Children.

Exposure to Sun is one of the major sources of Vitamin D which is something we don't do much owing to our lifestyles.

The link between muscle pain and Vitamin D:

Many people are familiar about the connection between bone health and Vitamin D whereas the link to muscle health is difficult to comprehend. However, experts believe that Vitamin D has a lot to with chronic muscle pain and the symptoms that come with it. Furthermore, experts also believe that not every individual with the deficiency suffers from chronic pain; it is mostly prevalent in people with a lot of trigger points (Muscle Knots).


Muscle pain can be dealt by applying Moov Pain relief cream. The cream is made of 100 % Ayurvedic medicines and responds best to sore muscles as well as relives joint aches. However, in the long run, you should take efforts to increase the levels of Vitamin D in your body. A number of doctors recommend on taking supplements as naturally it is difficult to cope up with deficiency. Right amount of nutritional supplements, healthy diet and moderate exposure will gradually help you in coping up with Vitamin D deficiency and thus chronic muscle pain.