Why pain relief sprays are better than oral pain killers?

Pain is a very discomforting sensation that we experience in case of an injury. Chemicals known as prostaglandins get released by damaged cells which trigger pain across the body. Our body warns us to limit the use of injured body part or simply move it away from something dangerous. In this situation, people usually tend to look for remedy which helps in pain relief.


These days, there is a wide range of pain killers available in the market in form of sprays, pills, gels, etc. but we have seen a massive increase in pain relief sprays over a period of time. Gone are the days when we used to take a pain killer pill for relief. People are suddenly more inclined towards using a spray over other alternatives mainly because of the significant factors like:


  • Targeted and focused treatment

Pain relief sprays are directly absorbed into the skin at the point where paining sensation is detected. So it is more targeted and focused than tablets and have fewer side effects.


  • Instant relief

Sprays are instant pain relievers which get to the root of the problem, because they are applied close to the source of the pain. Unlike pain killer pills, sprays don’t need time to dissolve and mix into blood system for effect. Therefore sprays are excellent solution that provides instant relief.


  • Enhanced overall effect

Many doctors actually believe that pain relief sprays are actually more effective than oral pain killers. Oral drugs lose their efficacy as they get broken down by human digestive system. Sprays prove to be more effective and efficient bypassing the digestive system. It goes straight down the bloodstream and reaches the cells that require it.


  • Lesser or no side effects

Pain relief sprays are relatively better for people who are prone to side effects from pills. Oral pain killers tend to diversify its effect to other body parts as it is not directly targeted to the injured part. There is no such risk in case of a spray.


  • Safe and easy use

Sprays are comparatively easier to use. It can be used by children or elderly people who face difficulty while swallowing tablets down the throat. One doesn’t require a follow through treatment for a spray which is usually required in case of tablets.


Modern era is filled with insanely fast lifestyle. Individuals are always looking after the most instant remedies for their physical wellbeing. Pain relief spray is the best option available for instant relief to injuries, cramps and other physical ailments.