All You Need to Know About Trigger Points and Muscle Strength

Trigger points

What are trigger points?

A trigger point also known as muscle knot is a type of stiffness caused due to contraction in muscles and tissues when an area of the body is overworked or injured.

The thing about trigger points is that it is often overlooked by traditional doctors. Trigger points typically send pain to some other areas of the body which makes it difficult for doctors to assess the body correctly and find the cause of your pain. It may even take years to detect the root cause of muscle pain.

The below blog will educate you about trigger points and its relationship with muscle strength

What causes trigger points?

Muscle strain caused due to work out injuries, falls, sports, car accidents etc. can lead to the occurrence of trigger points. Standing or sitting in a wrong posture for long periods of time, stress, anxiety, depression are some of the other causes of Muscle knots.

It is extremely important to treat trigger points on time so as to avoid lifelong negative health impacts of the same.

Its relationship with muscle strength:

An abnormal strain on your muscles, joints, ligaments can lead to strength and flexibility imbalance. Furthermore, it can restrict your blood flow, which is the commencement of nervous system sending out those pain signals. Trigger points are believed to be the initial stage of chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia.

Trigger points commonly occur in the muscle of the lower back. One trigger point in one muscle can cause back pain, herniated disc and many such conditions.

Trigger point treatment:

Trigger Point Therapy is a type of Massage Therapy in which direct pressure is applied to specified points on tender muscle tissue to bring about the reduction in muscle tension and pain relief.

Excessive strain on muscles can activate trigger points in each muscle. In such a case, trigger point therapy is proved to be most effective. A physiotherapist is usually trained in performing trigger point therapy. He is familiar with the location and pain referral patterns of trigger points for commonly affected muscles and is skilled in being able to treat them.

The Time taken to treat trigger points varies from person to person. Chronic conditions involving severe pain may require some intense initial treatment followed by ongoing treatment on a monthly or six-weekly cycle.

Experts suggest that trigger point treatment does not interfere with any other medical therapy. So, if you are looking for quick Muscle pain relief, use Moov pain relief cream along with undergoing your therapy. Moov pain relief cream is made using 100% ayurvedic medicines and is best when it comes to treating the sore muscles and relieving joint aches.