Everyday Activities that may cause lower back pain

Activities that cause Backpain

Back Pain is one of the most common problems among all the adults around the world. You might be aware that rigorous activities like heavy weight lifting or unhealthy habits might be straining your back. However, what about the day-to-day activities? Here is a list of everyday activities that might be causing lower back pain.

  • Sitting in wrong posture

    Many people have an opinion that a good posture is all about walking and standing, but sitting in a correct posture is equally important. Some people have a habit of sitting for long hours without a break. Whenever you are highly occupied with work, your back needs relief. You need to make sure that you sit in a position where you are able to support your lower back by distributing your weight evenly. Our body is not designed to sit for long hours. You should get up, stretch and walk around for a minute after every 20 - 30 minutes. In case it is not possible, you must keep shifting your sitting position and relax your back time to time.
  • Driving

    Back pain is a common complaint among individuals who drive long distances. When driving for prolonged periods your lumbar curve is lost and more pressure is exerted on vertebrae and discs. Your spine is also exposed to continuous vibration. In cars with lower roof, there is a lack of internal space and therefore the seat is lowered back pushing your legs straight. This exerts strain on the hamstrings. Your cervical spine also experiences strain because the seat is tipped back and the driver has to flex the neck to look straight ahead. To avoid lower back pain, you must ensure as much of your thighs are supported by the seat as possible. Don't sit too far away from the pedals as this may put additional strain on the upper back and neck.
  • Smoking

    We all know that smoking raises your risk for heart disease and cancer. What you might not know is that smoking can also be a cause of persistent back pain. Research shows that smoking can aggravate back pain. Smoking narrows blood vessels, which hinder the oxygen flow in your spine. You can reduce your risk for back pain only with simple lifestyle changes. It is not necessary that back pain occur only due to the above stated habits. There can be various other reasons like long distance travelling, not contract sports, sleeping in a wrong posture, stress, etc. It is crucial to have a pain relief product such as ‘Moov Pain Relief Cream’ or ‘Moov Spray’ handy, as it provides instant relief on the go. However, you shall consult a doctor if you experience unbearable pain.