मूव 80g स्प्रे

Moov Spray - Backpain specialist - 80g

: 80 G

उत्पाद वर्णन

Backache can occur while doing everyday tasks, lifting heavy objects or wrong posture at work/home. Your trusted MOOV, is fortified with the power of "Four active ingredients" that penetrate deep inside, produce warmth to relax the muscles and help you recover fast. MOOV is 100% natural ayurvedic preparation.

Simple ways to avoid backache:

Always bend your knees when lifting objects
Sleep on a surface that relaxes your back muscles
Avoid heels as they may strain muscles
Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

Store in a cool place. Keep away from light

Backpain, joint pains, inflammation, sprains, strains, myositis, fibrositis, sciatica
Spread two pulpfuls of MOOV on the affected area to form a thin film. Massage gently to facilitate penetration. Dry fomentation could precede or follow application of Moov. Consult doctor if indicated symptoms persist.