Back pain in pregnancy

Back Pain during Pregnancy

Causes of back pain in pregnant women

The excitement of the baby growing inside of you is inexplicable! And as the baby grows, there is no escaping the agony of hormonal changes and pregnancy pains. It is inevitable and it can cause discomfort and prevent you from carrying out your day to day activities. Here are a few reasons why it happens and what you can do to manage it:

Influx of hormones

During pregnancy certain hormones are released which help your uterus grow by loosening the joints and ligaments of the pelvic bones attached to the spine.This might affect your back and it may not be as strong and may not support your body the way it usually does and you may suffer from a severe back pain during early pregnancy.


As your baby grows you will be forced to pull your body forward and your center of gravity will move forward. This change in your posture will give you a lower back pain during early pregnancy. This is why you might be shaky when standing up, sitting down or bending.

Gaining Weight

You are carrying another human being that is growing every minute! This is additional weight that your body must carry and in turn puts a strain on your back and causes lower back pain during early pregnancy.


Pregnancy pains can make you stress over little things. And why wouldn’t it! You’re having a baby for crying out loud! It is stressful. Stress piles up in the weaker areas of the body and tightens the muscles. This causes body pain especially in the back because it is carrying most of the weight of your body.

Treatment for back pain in pregnancy

Correct your Posture

An appropriate posture is essential to avoid lower back pain during early pregnancy. You tend to lean forward because of the weight of the baby in front, which causes the strain on the back. To avoid this, always remember to lean back and have a straight back as much as you can.

Balance while bending

You must avoid bending down to lift things as much as possible. If you must bend, make sure to do that while squatting and not bend from your hip or back. This will cause unnecessary pressure on your spine.

Sleep on one side

While sleeping it is recommended that you sleep on either side and not on your back. Bend one or both your knees while lying on one side. This will help reduce severe back pain during early pregnancy.

Wear shoes wisely

Avoid wearing high heels as this can make you lean forward and put pressure on your spine. However, wearing flat shoes is also not advisable, what you need is a comfortable low-heeled shoe which will adequately spread your weight back and forward and help you walk with an erect back.

About pain medication

During pregnancy, keeping it natural is always recommended as chemical based formulations can often cause more harm than good. With its expert 4 active, natural ingredients that penetrate deep inside, produce warmth to relax the muscles and help you recover fast, Moov is soothing, effective and most of all, 100% safe.