Back pain in pregnancy

Back Pain during Pregnancy

  • Back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy
  • There are several reasons for back pain during pregnancy, some resulting from natural changes that the body undergoes
  • Severe back pain in pregnancy can be prevented

Why does pregnancy involve back pain?

Backache during pregnancy, especially in the early stages, is quite common. Since the ligaments in your body naturally become tender and stretched, you are easily prone to aches. It can range from mild pain, due to specific activities, or acute pain that interferes with your daily routine.

What causes back pain in pregnant women?

Here are a few reasons why some women suffer back pain during pregnancy:

  • Influx of hormones
    Certain hormones released during pregnancy help the uterus grow by loosening the joints and ligaments of the pelvic bones attached to the spine. An inability to support the body the way the joints usually do can lead to severe back pain.
  • Force of Gravity
    As the baby grows, the body tends to get pulled forward, shifting the centre of gravity. This change in posture can cause lower back pain.
  • Gaining Weight
    The additional weight of a baby can put a strain on your back.
  • Rising levels of Stress
    Pregnancy is a stressful period that strains the weaker body areas and tightens muscles. This can cause body pain, especially in the back.
  • Widening of the pelvis
    The concentration of the estrogenic hormones that increase during pregnancy causes the pelvis to widen. As this activity progresses, it can cause severe pain in the lower back and thighs, leading to pain while walking.

How to prevent and treat back pain in pregnancy? 

  • Watch your posture when you are sitting.
  • Keep your body active. Idling in a chair all day puts more strain on your spine.
  • Sit with a straight back, arms rested, and use a firm cushion.
  • Use a footrest to elevate your feet slightly and don't cross your legs.
  • If you work on your feet, place one foot on a low stool and take some pressure off your lower back.
  • Avoid lifting heavy loads. If you must, then do so with a wide stance; bend at the knees, and lift with your arms and legs, not your back.
  • Most importantly, watch your weight.
  • Wear the right shoes. Experts recommend a 2-inch heel to keep your body in proper alignment.
  • Think happy thoughts. A calm mind leads to a looser back. Try some prenatal yoga to relax your mind and body.
  • Strengthen your stomach. Do pelvic tilts to strengthen your abs, which in turn supports your back.
  • Soothe sore muscles by applying cold compresses, then warm compresses, in 15-minute intervals.
  • Take a warm bath. Or turn the showerhead to a pulsating setting for massaging your back.
  • Get a massage from a masseuse who knows you're pregnant and trained in prenatal massage art.

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