Better posture: good for your style, good for your back

correct sitting posture

Importance of a better posture for a good health can never be overlooked. Standing, sitting or lying down if down right way maintaining a proper posture are as important determinants of a good health as eating well, exercising and sleeping are. Experts say that a good posture helps in doing things with more energy and avoiding fatigue without putting any part of our body under any undue stress or strain. Simply put, good posture is good physical fitness.

Bad Posture: Problems and Causes

No matter how rich the benefits of a good posture are our bodies tend to slip into a bad posture. A bad posture leads to problems in digestion,breathing and also causes pain of neck, shoulder and back. A bad posture compromises overall health and body efficiency. A good posture means keeping our spine totally erect is a false notion. Keeping back/spine fully erect is as bad as maintaining a slouched posture.

A bad posture can be a result of one or combination of following factors

  1. Accidents, injuries or falls
  2. Poor back support
  3. Excessive weight
  4. Foot problems/improper foot wears
  5. Weak muscles
  6. Occupational stress
  7. Careless sitting , standing or sleeping habits
  8. Poorly designed work space

Bad posture can be controlled and corrected

A closer look on the above mentioned factors makes us realize that most of the factors are either environmental or a result of bad habits. This means bad posture can be controlled and corrected. The question thus arises “How to correct posture?“ Here are things that we can do to improve our posture.

  1. Shed excessive weight
  2. Performing posture correction exercise regularly
  3. Pay attention to injuries resulting from fall, bumps and jars
  4. Have a proper bedding to support spine
  5. Using an ergonomic chair
  6. Eliminate bad habits that cultivate bad postures
  7. Get a head , shoulder and back massage
  8. Get a professional assessment

Good posture is effortless

Most import point of maintaining a good posture is it feels almost effortless to maintain the position. There is no definite formula for a good posture. It is probably “dynamic”, emphasizing on change and movement. Key benefits of maintaining a good posture are as follows.

  1. Helps in deep breathing
  2. Improves our concentration and thinking ability
  3. Improves our image
  4. Boosts self confidence
  5. Avoid health complications

“Old habits die hard” is an old adage. The way we walk, sit and stand are some of the most difficult habits to change and they are ingrained deep inside the person. So correcting a bad posture might not prove to an easy thing to do but if done with all sincerity it surely tends to reap rich benefits.

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