Say goodbye to your work-commute stress by just doing these 5 things!

commuting without strain

Whether the place of work is far or near, the torment of getting there is the same. It can never be determined as to how far is too far to commute. The minute we leave our house and sit in the car or catch a bus or train to work, our thoughts spiral into a frenzy. We begin to think of all the chores that need to be done and uselessly worry about the things not done. Add to it the stress of driving through the vexing traffic or cramming ourselves in a train or bus.

When we stress our mind our whole body gets affected. That is exactly what is happening to us because of our daily commute. We are doing more harm than good by not only taking stress but also by sitting incorrectly for longer periods. At the same time, we can’t do anything about the commutable distance, whether we like it or not, we have to take the tough path to being successful.

Why not turn this backbreaking task into something more fun and enjoyable. Here are 5 effective ways to end your commute problems for good:

Posture is very important no matter what you do.

Rest your neck
We tend to stretch our neck forward while driving or even while we are sitting in a bus or train. This strains the neck muscles and causes discomfort. Rest your neck on the seat behind and align it straight to your back.

Always remember to have a straight back
The best way to commute is to sit with a straight back. The back should not slump forward, it should be upright at all times. Make sure your back is touching your seat all the way till your tail bone. There should not be any gap. If this is difficult, place a pillow between your back and the seat, this will help bridge the gap and give your back the rest it needs.

Engage in an activity that interests you.

Listen to music or audio books
The best way to be cheerful and distract yourself from your surrounding is by listening to the music of your choice. It will uplift your mood and you can begin your day on a happy note. If you are not very fond of music, you can listen to audio books. This way you can catch up on reading the books that you usually miss, because of hectic schedules and of course long drives to work.

Find a commute-buddy
The best way to commute is along with a friend with whom you can have a chirpy chit-chat or even unload your troubles on. Gossip away and you won’t know where the time went and you will be de-stressed and charged to take on the day ahead.

Use this time to “let go” and “allow things to be as they are”. When you are in a bus or train, close your eyes, focus on your breath and your thoughts. You will feel lighter and go to work with a clear mind. While driving, try and focus on your actions. Honk a little less, let people overtake you, breeze through traffic. This will make you compassionate as well as make you look at things from a different perspective.

About pain medication
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