Migraine symptoms causing you pain?

Migrain treatment and caues

Migraine symptoms causing you pain?

Suffering from migraine can end up looking like a lonely experience. It’s a kind of pain that many people find difficult to understand. But were you aware of the fact that 1 in 7 people suffer from migraine? Below mentioned are some advice on migraine and how you can treat them.

It is believed that migraines are the result of blood vessels in the brain and in the back of the head and neck constricting. You’ll figure out that you are experiencing migraine symptoms when the sharp stabbing pain in the side of the head is accompanied with visual disturbance and sickness.

What triggers migraine headaches?

No one knows the exact reason for migraine headaches getting triggered, so it becomes difficult to cure them. For some people migraine is triggered by stress. Others suffer from it when they consume certain type of food. Other external factors that trigger migraine are bright lights and loud noises. Even the hormonal changes that a women experience during the time of their period can trigger migraines.

How to cure a migraine?

Although there is not exact cure for migraines; modern medicine on a daily basis is learning more and more about the causes of migraine, which would eventually lead to the pharmaceutical industry finding a cure. So, till the time cure is being found, there are simple techniques you can practice that will make living with migraines easier.

If you feel that your diet is triggering the migraine attacks, you could go on an elimination diet as part of your migraine treatment. If you continue this and realize that you are not suffering from an attack for a while, then there is high possibility that a particular food is responsible for your condition.

So now that you are sure, bring back each one of the suspect foods into your diet every second day. If you get migraine after adding a certain food, you know who the culprit is!

Build your support

Assemble a support team of friends, family and work colleagues who can come to your aid when you send them the “Migraine Alert” message. Inform them about the factors that trigger your migraine and what they can do to help you tackle it.

Emergency plans at home

Chalk down a contingency plan for when migraine attacks. For instance, stacking food in the freezer if you are finding it difficult to cook. If you find it difficult to run daily chore, assign it to one of the family member.

You also need to know how to tackle migraine when at work. Firstly, reduce the lighting at your desk to reduce glare from your computer screen – it can be the reason your migraine got triggered. If that is not helping you, see if there is a room where you can go and rest for half an hour. If you feel that it is work pressure that is causing your migraines maybe you can negotiate a different style of working with your boss.

For a more detailed diagnosis or if you are worried, please consult a doctor.