Sinus Headache

how to cure sinus pain

What does it feel like?

Sinus headaches are normally characterised by a dull, throbbing pain in the front of your head and face. It feels like a pressure exerted around the eyes, forehead and cheeks, and it increases in severity if you move your head suddenly or bend forward with the head down.

What causes them?

Most sinus headaches are caused by congestion and inflammation in the sinuses, which are the air-filled cavities around the eyes, nose, and cheeks.

What triggers them?

You can get a sinus headache owing to a blocked nose arising from cold or allergies.

This type of headache is often more frequent in the morning, and it is also feels more painful during this time. This is because the fluids have been collecting in the sinuses all night, causing a raging pain in the morning. The sinus headache can also take a turn for the worse with a change in temperature or the environment.

Sinus pain and pressure remedies and relief: what works?

Here are a few tips that can help you feel better:

  • Try these simple tips to relieve your sinus headache:

    • Get sufficient rest and stay warm when you sleep
    • Drink plenty of water during the day and tank up on non-alcoholic fluids
    • Avoid brightly lit environments

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