Here Is How Sitting All day is Damaging Your Body

Sitting Job Problems

Although I sit for 8 hours at my desk job, I hit the gym everyday post work. I even go out and run a few times a week. Isn’t that enough to make up for sitting all day? If this sounds like you, then the below read is for you.

A recent study conducted by American heart association shows that no amount of physical activity is enough to combat dangerous health effects of sitting all day.

If your average amount of sitting in a day, whether on a couch or a desk is more than six hours then you are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Here is how sitting for long periods of time is causing harm to your body:

Back and shoulder:

According to medical experts, it is not possible to sit in the correct posture for more than 5 minutes. Thus, you tend to fall into a slouched posture. This creates enormous stress on spinal ligaments and back muscles. Moreover, if you hold your neck forward while working at a computer, it can cause neck strain, sore shoulders and back pain.

Muscle pain, if not treated on time, can create long-term health problems. Keep Moov pain relief cream handy as it helps in relieving sore muscles and joint aches.

Organ damage:

We all are aware of the fact that sitting all day causes harm to back muscles. However, what we don’t know that it can damage our internal organs as well. When you sit for a long period of time, it reduces the amount of oxygen entering your body. Also, blood begins to flow slowly.

Health conditions like High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and elevated cholesterol have been linked to sitting for long periods of time.


Lack of physical activity is directly related to weight gain problems. If you are sitting for 8 hours or more in a single day, you are more likely to be obese at some point in your life. After you eat, your body processes the meal. Sitting for a long period of time makes it difficult for the body to process the food. Thus, it is advised to simply go for a short walk after each meal and just sometimes throughout the day.

Mental health:

No matter how stimulating your job is, sitting for long periods of time can negatively affect your productivity. Brain functions slow if you are not moving for a long period of time. Taking a walk will pump blood and oxygen to the brain thereby releasing mood-enhancing chemicals.

Addressing the problem, companies have started with standing desk culture. However, it may take a long time to implement the same at the country level. Practicing self-care is the best you can do to maintain good health.