Are you heading for the gym? 5 Must know techniques to prevent workout injuries

avoid injury at gym

Whether you are a rookie or a veteran at the gym, you must know how to work out responsibly and with utmost care to keep injuries at bay. Most of the time, you are so blinded by the goal set ahead of you that you completely overlook the risks involved. Workout injuries like ACL injury or hamstring injury are uncalled for and it will take you back from your goal for an extended period of time.

So, when you are ready for your next workout session, keep these below mentioned 5 points in mind to avoid injury:

Get a personal trainer

Whether you are new person or a pro, you need to get yourself a personal trainer in order to keep any kind of injury at bay. Not only do they motivate you to do better but also keep an eye on your form and technique while you work out. If you make a small error while doing a certain exercise, there are chances of you getting exposed to serious injuries like an ACL injury or back pain. With the assistance of a personal trainer you can reduce the risk of such injuries and reach your goal in a safer way.

Warm up and Cool Down

Working out without proper warm up can put your muscles and joints in big risk. Give your body a warm up of 5-10 minutes and your body will surely thank you. You can ease into your workout session by beginning with stretches and some light cardio. This assists in supplying oxygen and blood flow to the muscles that are being worked. This relaxed transition helps in making your muscles more flexible and reduce the chances of any kind of back pain or injury.

Cross Train

Changing your exercise routine every now and then will help your muscles get a break from monotony. When you put stress on the same muscles over and over again they tend to get weak resulting in injury. Therefore it is best for you to split your work out in three days, each focusing on different parts of your body e.g. One day focus on your upper body, follow it with your lower body and then pay attention to your core.

Less is More

The less you do, the more will be your body’s response to your workout. This is a misconception, as more you work out, more will be the amount of calories you burn. Although, technically it makes sense, but the effect of the same is reverse. In your obsession towards burning calories, you might forget that your body has limits. If you put extra stress on your muscles, it can cause pain in legs, back and even ACL.

Give your body some rest

When you stress your body, you should give it time to rest and recover. It is advised that you do strength training thrice a week at the gym, giving rest to your body on alternate days. If at all you end up with a strained muscle or back pain, you can get rid of the pain with the help of 100% natural pain relieving ointment like Moov.