Up your running game by following these 6 simple steps!

avoid running injuries

Some are passionate about running and for some running is an effective way of losing weight. Although running is a powerful exercise to stay fit, if overdone it can lead to serious injuries like ACL injury or a hamstring injury. It is highly advised that you prepare your body for running which will reduce the chances of you getting injured.

Below mentioned are few methods that can help in upping your running game:

Training Plan

Before you take up running ensure that you have jotted down a running program. Make your running program keeping your fitness level in mind. This systematic approach will help you in achieving your desired goal.

You should graduate slowly from walking to running. Begin with short distances and let the body develop stamina and keep increasing the distance by 10 percent. Make sure that you get adequate rest. If you are someone who gets injured every now and then, add some days for rest. Don’t be harsh on yourself, and if your body is sending you signals of muscle pain, it is not necessary you continue, rest if required.


Stretching should be included without fail in your warm up sessions. It is necessary to improve flexibility and also to prepare the muscles and joints for a rigorous activity like running. The appropriate way to stretch is to stay still at a position for about 30 seconds without being groggy. This loosens up muscles and reduces the chance of you getting injured.

Strength training

Concentrate on increasing your strength with the help of hill running, yoga and weight lifting. This is imperative as running puts immense pressure on your joints and muscles. If your muscle lacks strength, running for an extended period of time can lead to joint pain in knee.

Invest in good running shoes

Ensure that you invest in the sole of the shoes and not the looks. A good shoe with a well cushioned midsole will support your feet while running and avoid joint pain in knee.

Stay Hydrated

Consume adequate water to keep your body hydrated at all times; before running in the morning, between the run and after the run. Your body loses water whenever you run, so to balance the water content in your body you should drink enough water. This will keep cramps and unwanted injuries at bay. If you still go through muscle pain and cramps, you can take the help of an Ayurvedic composition like Moov, to get rid of the pain naturally.

Warm up and Cool down

 Irrespective of how boring and time consuming it might be, warm up and cool down is an important part of every exercise regime. It helps in preparing your body to deal with the pressure it has to go through while running. It also helps in getting rid of lactic acid build up in the muscles when your body is at rest. A 5-10 min warm up before you start running and cool down after the run will keep muscle pain and injuries at bay.