Are you sleeping right for your back?

right sleeping posture

Putting on weight? Change the diet and exercise, Getting Tanned? Avoid the Sun. Acidity? Take an antacid.

Having a Back Pain, a Neck Pain or a Spine Pain? Pop an analgesic. Good. Well, not really! Though taking a pain killer might give you temporary respite but the drug surely doesn’t promise a long term solution for these conditions. While there can be numerous reasons for having a pain in your neck, back or spine one of them is definitely how good or bad our sleeping position/posture is.

Sleep: Part of our existence

Consider this, we humans spend one third of our lives sleeping and when we sleep we generally stay in a single position for hours together .Our body can go without food for two weeks, but we will succumb if we are deprived of sleep for ten days. Sleeping is a part of our existence. Hence, it becomes essential to take good care of our sleeping patterns and our sleeping positions.

A good sleeping pattern is vital but it should be complemented by a good sleeping posture too. A bad sleeping technique can give rise to whole host of problems like fatigue, headaches, back pain, sleep apnea, sciatica and even heart burns. Here we discuss the worst and the best sleeping techniques and are we doing enough to sleep right for our backs.

The Worst Sleeping Posture: Sleeping on stomach

Worst thing that we can do to hurt our back because of sleeping is to sleep on our stomachs. The human body has evolved in a manner where it is meant to rest/sleep on their backs. Studies have proven that there is absolutely nothing good in sleeping on our stomach. It makes our back arch unnaturally. It also puts pressure on joints and muscles and leads to pain, numbness and swelling. All these contribute to the problems of our back, most notably as back pain.

The Best Sleeping Posture: Sleeping on back or sideways

As far as the best sleeping posture is concerned, experts believe it is on the back or on the sides. If sleeping sideways it does not matter if you sleep on your left side or right side. Sleeping in either posture, on back or sideways, is equally comforting for our backs. Both these postures give our spine and neck enough support. Also, our head, neck and spine are maintained in a more neutral position. Following the above mentioned sleeping postures lead to more restful sleeps and preventing any kind of injuries in long run.

Difficult, but not impossible

Sleeping posture is something which is involuntary and body tends to take a posture where it feels most comfortable in. Also, a person seldom knows which posture his/her body has taken when in deep sleep. It is perfectly understandable for our body to lose a good posture when in sleep. Difficult at the beginning but it is recommended to correct a wrong posture .Over a period of time our body gets used to good postures. Once body gets used to these postures it starts reaping rich benefits like avoiding sciatica, alleviating pains of neck spine and back , reducing stress and improving overall quality of life .

His Holiness The Dalai Lama says “Sleep is the Best Meditation”. Meditation if done in proper posture leads to happiness and peace of mind. So why ruin our happiness because of a bad posture. Adopt a good sleeping posture and lead a life in peace. Happy sleeping.

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