Best Sleeping Positions to Relieve Back Pain

Sleeping in the right posture is critical for human body and mind as it helps in eliminating back pain, which is a common ailment amongst people. Usually, the answer to ‘how to relieve lower back pain while sleeping?’ is hidden in a good sleeping posture.

The best sleeping position may vary based on age and other external factors for every person.

Ergo, it might be time to reconsider your sleeping techniques!

Different types of sleeping positions

Here is the list of worst and best sleeping positions for everyone:

  • On the back

Sleeping on the back is by far the best sleeping position for curbing back pain as it allows the head, neck, and spine to lie flat and rest in a neutral posture.

It not only relieves back pain, but also wards off the acid reflux.


  • On the side

Don’t mistake this for the fetal position. Sleeping on one’s side means lying on the side of the body with the torso and legs remaining relatively straight, which decreases acid reflux and keeps the spine elongated to eliminate back and neck pain. On the same note, this position also helps cures sleep.


  • In the fetal position

One of the most used and preferred sleeping techniques, the fetal position is best for pregnant women as it improves blood circulation. However, it does not play a substantial role in reducing back and neck pain as the body is curled up like a cocoon and the spine is bent forming a ‘U’ shape. It is better to occasionally change into the first sleeping position to ensure less strain on the spine for long.


  • On the stomach

In the rank of sleeping techniques from best to worst, lying on the stomach would come last. It causes increased strain to the muscles as well as joints and induces back and neck pain. If this happens to by your preferred position, it may be better to consciously switch to another one that improves body posture and eradicates aches and pain.

The lesson


Humans spend around one-third of their lives curled up on their mattress, either sleeping or attempting to fall asleep.

Hence, it is important to choose a sleeping position that improves health and reduces sleep deprivation

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