How to Cure Neck Pain?

A stiff neck or pain arising due to prolonged hours of sitting in front of a computer or improper sleeping positions take a toll on everyday life. If you are wondering how to get rid of neck pain, here are some easy solutions that you can look at:


1. Don’t stay in a static position for too long

Stiff neck usually confines us to one position. Moving or walking around will help you avoid being stuck in a compromised position.

2. Make necessary ergonomic adjustments

Modern lifestyle makes the use of gadgets intrinsic to our everyday life. In case you have a stiff neck, make some necessary adjustments.

    • Elevate the height of your computer monitor so that it is at eye level.
    • When using the mobile phone, instead of looking down, bring it up to the eye level.
    • Again, instead of tilting your head to answer calls, use a pair of earphones.
    • In case you are using a laptop, prop a pillow underneath so that the laptop is at a 45-degree angle instead of lying flat.
    • Avoid using your laptop or phone lying down as this will stress your neck further.


3. Keep your spectacles up-to-date

Our eye power may increase or decrease without giving us much signals. In such a situation, neck pain may aggravate if you are not using spectacles with the right power. With spectacles which are not of the right prescription, we tend to tilt our head back or take it too close to the screen we are looking at or the book we are reading. This changes the posture of our head and triggers the neck pain.


4. Take help from a chiropractor or medical practitioner

If the pain is too severe or persists even after a few days despite you trying everything else, the best option is to take professional medical help. You can either consult an orthopedic or go to a chiropractor

5. Use the right medicines

There are pain killers in the market that can help you relieve neck pain. Apart from oral medications, you can also opt for topical creams. Moov Diclofenac gel is one of the best creams in the market that provides immediate relief from neck pain. On application, it is absorbed into the skin and starts acting within seconds. For generic neck pain, a nice, gentle massage with Moov Diclofenac gel can work wonders.

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